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Facebook Shop for Steffans

We are proud to announce we have produced a Facebook Shop for Steffans.

Steffans have a tendency to keep up with the latest trends, as soon as they noticed ASOS the clothing website had launched a micro website within Facebook to sell a selection of products, they wanted one. As this was a brand new concept to the Blayney Partnership, a lot of head scratching went on trying to get to grips with the Facebook language FBML, Facebooks own version of HTML (the standard language used for websites).

The idea behind the Steffans Facebook Shop is to promote the top 10 products for each category of Jewellery they sell for both Men and Women. These products can be purchased without leaving Facebook and users can share their favourite items by commenting on products, which is then shared to their own wall with a link back to the product.

Facebook and other social media has become a great marketing tool for businesses, as this is such a new product it should give Steffans a lot of attention. We believe it is the first Facebook Shop for a Jeweller Worldwide, not just Northampton.

View Steffans Facebook Shop

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