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Ozz Blayney
Ozz Blayney

Creative Director

New Advertising Campaign for i-tec

Czech based technology company i-tec, appointed us to produce the new advertising campaign for their new THUNDERBOLT™ 2 Docking Station for both online and offline use. i-tec THUNDERBOLT™ 2 Docking Station allows you to connect all of your accessories to your PC/Laptop. It offers two Thunderbolt™ ports with the transmission speed of 20 Gb/s. One will be used for connecting your Mac and the other one can be used for connection of other Thunderbolt™ devices such as external drives or monitors with the max. resolution 3840×2160@30Hz.

The campaign needed to pack a punch within the printed technology arena, so we needed to deliver a solution that summed up the many capabilities of the new docking station within one simple statement. We also needed to capture a certain type of customer. i-tec’s products sit extremely well with the archetypal Apple user, so it was important to integrate a number of the Apple’s leading products within the advertising.


The ability to connect devices efficiently with no mess is exactly what the new THUNDERBOLT™ 2 Docking Station does. ‘ConnectAblilty’ is almost to simple but it’s ambiguous meaning coupled with Apple’s latest products placed within the typography works perfectly and really sums up i-tec’s revolutionary product in one view.

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