New Steffans - Key to her heart competition | Blayney Creative Agency
Robert Charter
Robert Charter

Senior Creative

For Valentine’s Day 2017, Steffans the Jewellers came to the Blayney Partnership to design and build a new mobile responsive online interactive competition.

That would allow customers to enter a prize draw to WIN ‘a one of a kind Limited Edition Steff rose gold large heart key pendant’.

This is a giveaway that money can’t buy, as only one has been produced.

The idea of the game is that you have been tasked with finding the correct key (from a selection of 5 keys) that is needed to unlock your loved ones heart.

If selected correctly, this would entitle the user to a FREE entry into Steffans prize draw to potentially win the key pendant.

To aid with data capture and pushing the competition out to a wider audience, a user is asked to invite a friend to play.
An invitation will be sent to the user’s friend inviting them to play the game as well.

Once the required fields have been filled out correctly, the user will automatically find out if they have successfully selected the winning key. If not, then they will have the option to keep playing until they find the right one.