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Brown & Newirth are one of the UK’s most prestigious wedding ring manufacturers. We were approached by them to produce a new campaign that reflected their commitment to handcrafted perfection and to promote the companies 44 year heritage.


We quickly worked on a headline that would capture the essence of Brown & Newirth’s USP.
‘A dedication to perfection’ would be the basis of the campaign. This was supported by some beautiful ballet imagery. Ballet is purely a dedication to perfection in it’s own right.

With the use of an historic union jack against a dilapidated room, the imagery was taken to a solitary place where you would imagine perfection to be practiced.


Brown & Newirth also required a moving image promo that would start off an iPad/Keynote/Powerpoint presentation. We carefully selected some music that would integrate perfectly with a ballet dancer.

A Dedication to Perfection

We also designed Brown & Newirth innovative refresh programme which has been specially invented to help keep suppliers shop windows up-to-date without increasing their capital tied-up. In 3 easy steps refreshtM lets retailers replace tired and slow-moving stock with fresh new collections from Brown & Newirth.




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