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Cherry Performance Campaign

After the recent success of Cherry’s ‘40 years of evolution‘ campaign it was time to explore a variety of different vehicles to showcase the launch of Cherry’s new computer input devices. BBC Topgear magazine is a giant in it’s sector and has recently become the second biggest selling male publication in the UK behind Men’s Health. TopGear seemed to have the right demographic, especially now the magazine carries a section for up and coming gadgets, computer games and film. Our new campaign is based around the unrivalled performance of Cherry’s latest and greatest computer peripherals.
Rather than showing beautiful shots of keyboards & mice, our concentration was put on ambiguous images that would engage consumers with just one look.

The Marine on the move covered in tiny cursors was an excellent metaphor for the ‘Life Nano’, a mouse that is built to last on the move with its very durable design. ‘The Strait’ is Cherry’s beautifully designed keyboard with Applesque looks. ‘Beauty at the touch of a button’ supported the elegant rhythmic gymnast image.

Cherry Evolution Campaign

Cherry peripherals have been evolving for 40 years and have always been a main player in the B2B marketplace. With other large manufacturers like Logitech, Cherry’s B2C needed major help. Cherry appointed us to create a range of adverts for Stuff Magazine to differentiate their new product range within todays competitive marketplace. Our creative team got to work on a range of concepts using ’40 years of evolution’ for the campaign strap line.


The campaign harnesses Cherry’s dedication and establishment as the original keyboard and mouse manufacturers and uses post prehistoric insects, mammals and reptiles that have also stood the test of time. The advertising not only ran in Stuff magazine but also an appearance in BBC TopGear Magazine. Check out the latest Stuff Magazines at most UK stationers to see the campaign.

Cherry Celebrating 40 Years Campaign

Cherry is one of the most established brands within the computer peripherals sector. However this wasn’t perceived by the B2B market. With the success of Cherry’s ‘Stuff Magazine Campaign’, they appointed us to produce a range of adverts that would express Cherry’s long term commitment as one of the worlds leading forces in technology.

They’re exciting new product range was so strong and needed to be at the forefront of the campaign. After many story boards the winning concept was to incorporate Cherry products in forms of celebration. The finished adverts are currently running in most major computing publications and are raising Cherry’s profile hugely.




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