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We like to think we know how to design and build a great e-commerce website, so we jumped at the chance of designing and producing the new global e-commerce store for EBC Brakes Limited. EBC Brakes Direct is an independent company recommended and endorsed by EBC Brakes. It’s main purpose is to become the global authorised online reseller of EBC Brakes parts, with fast access to all of the latest products and materials.
The new site’s main aim is to make it easy and convenient for consumers to purchase high quality products online from one of the world’s leading brake manufacturers with the minimum of fuss, plus the added benefit of ensuring their customers have access to accurate product fitment data as well as live stock levels and pricing. Oh…and just one more major point! All of this needed to be as easy to use on a phone as it is on a desktop.

Engaging Design

The time limit for engaging customers is getting smaller and smaller, so we always adopt a few key elements when designing for e-commerce…

Brand Identity

Your page should immediately shout who you are and what you offer, so customers know they’ve come to the right place. Your company logo and colours foster trust: customers who recognise and remember you feel more comfortable on your site.

Calls to Action (CTA)

Customers are on your site to get something – be it information, goods or services, so make it easy for them. Make your CTAs prominent, clear and decisive. CTA buttons can always contain different messages, but be sure they suit your specific audience.

Maximise your space

Always think about how the user sees the site on every device. Make sure you only show everything you need to show on one screen whether it be a desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

Clear shopping cart

Your shopping cart should be a fixture on all pages, and it should remain intact, so your customer doesn’t have to start shopping all over again if they step off your page momentarily. Nearly a quarter of shoppers will leave their cart to come back later, sometimes on a different device, to make the purchase.

On the right track

The ability to sell online is amazing, and some products are better suited to the internet then others. So how do you buy a automotive product that you don’t really know much about, let alone which part fits your vehicle?

We thought long and hard about how to present a variety of different products for individual vehicles, and particular attention was given to mobile device users. A tabular concept was the only way to provide customers with a selection of parts that would fit both the rear and front of their chosen vehicle(s). Registration lookups and a ‘my garage facility’ helps bring the right parts to users vehicles, and all of this information can be viewed within one screen of a mobile phone.

65% of mobile traffic to e-commerce sites comes from the iPhone and iPad. When optimising your site for mobile, focus on optimising it for Apple devices first, and then later, the rest of the numerous mobile devices and tablets.

The New EBC Brakes Direct Brand




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