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When it comes to designing a great sports website, one of the most important things for any fan is….THE RESULT! Every user wants to know whether they won, lost or drew, and more importantly, how their team got there. Cricket has more stats than any other sport, so it was really important to document all Surrey’s games clearly and efficiently using state-of-the-art statistical diagrams.

We teamed up with Opta to provide a unique Match Centre for SurreyCCC. All of the SurreyCCC Match Centre’s data is live and the website automatically triggers live game data when a match is running. We integrated a live twitter feed which is now one of the most popular social platforms providing breaking sports news.


Fans want data fast, so we added a micro-menu widget that broke the Match Centre into specific sections.

  • State of Play
  • Twitter Match Feed
  • Scorecards
  • Interactive Manhattan Match Progress Chart
  • Interactive Team Wagon Wheels
  • The Squads

We spent many hours market researching what data fans would want to see, and in which order. The level of detail we display brings an added dimension to the world of cricket. It allows for more innovative broadcast coverage, more intelligent professional analysis, and in some respects makes a broadcasting source for domestic & international results.

All of the high definition data is collected and analysed live by Opta and is integrated within seconds of the action happening on the pitch to our shiny new match centre. This means it can be used to create an ongoing narrative as the drama unfolds.


The new site required a comprehensive ball by ball live data feed. This ensured SurreyCCC supporters to go nowhere else but to get the latest scores and stats.

We opted for Opta Sport to deliver the data. Opta is the world’s leading sports data supplier. They collect more data, in more detail than anyone else. Opta’s data is collected live and they believe this brings more possibilities for the most arduous of sport fans. Opta’s most detailed data feeds allow for cutting edge analytics that not only improve a sports clubs services but also help professional clubs compile highly complex predictive models.

This pushed our integration skills to the max and gave us the opportunity to display some clever animated statistics on all of the player profiles.

Responsive. Whenever. Wherever.

The Match Centre is filled with exciting new interactive data functions. Our Manhattan and Worm graph technology displays the progress of a team’s innings during a customer-defined match. The Manhattan bar chart displays runs scored off a single over, while the Worm chart will show a team’s total score after each over. The Squad feature also automatically populates the home and away squads before the matches begin.

A User Friendly Experience

The cricket Wagon Wheel displays the areas of a pitch where a batsman has scored runs during an innings. Updated live during all matches, this feature will display all scoring shots in an innings but the end user can then use then select how a batsman scored their runs off individual bowlers.




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