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Oliver Blayney
Oliver Blayney


Iconic Trends and Fashion

It’s that time again and now almost a month into 2017 (Happy New Year by the way!) we took some time to do a bit of research and put together a list of what we believe will be most iconic trends & fashions that will help sculpt what hopes to be another triumphant year in web design. So without further ado..

1. Typography

The use of big, bold typography will become even more common, last year I saw a rise in the use of large heading font sizes which created powerful and captivating visuals. The style allowed better use of minimalistic design as 2016 design in majority was more about quality over quantity. This type of typography captures the user’s attention and informs them of what the section they are going to read is about without having to read the small copy.

A mix of semi-small fonts with big headings can be expected to be used even more in 2017 with a wider range of custom fonts.

2. Photography

For the last year or two there has been a big decline in the use of stock imagery, which resulted in designs becoming more unique. This was all due to companies wanting to have more personality and uniqueness to their image, and with the rise of different professional free photography resource sites it’s much easier to find imagery that defines how you want to be perceived.

We can clearly say that in 2017 the use of free professional imagery is going to be even more widely used, with a much wider selection of amazing photographs that designers will be able to use.

3. Gradients and Overlays

An emerging new trend that has been on the rise, using colour and overlapping photography. This new subtle but powerful style captivates the user’s attention to the areas that we as designers want the user to see first. We can confidently assume that this will continue and be visible much more in 2017 with potential of seeing gradients coming into play to achieve a similar result.

As gradients can be applied really easy without having to cut out “png’s” like in the good old days. Using gradients is something that I will be trying to use quite bit more in 2017.

4. Colours

2016 has been a colourful year, we have seen great examples of amazing colour pallets. A colour style that has been seeing a lot more of uses a range of small colour palates, using black and grey as the main typography font colours while using a single strong/bright colour for points of interest.

It has come around applying UX thinking by strategically placing the colour where you want the user to make the action, or to look first.

This allowed the user viewing your website to instinctively knows that if he wants something to happen he can recognise the call to actions by colour, almost like an instinctive reflex.

5. Animations

We have seen some amazing variety of animations in 2016 and I can’t wait to see what 2017 will bring. But there will be a big rise in micro animations for various elements such as titles, buttons etc. This will help make designs be more interactive, interesting and give a feeling of a complete product. One of the best things that a designer can do is create a design that users will spend time exploring and enjoying the finished product.

I suspect that in 2017 web design is going to be very interactive, especially the fact that VR is on our doorstep therefore its quite easy to see that the digital world is heading towards emersion and interactivity, making clarity and ease of use one of the key factors.