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As we celebrate VE Day, 75 years on, The Blayney Partnership remembers its roots.

Major Douglas Edward Blayney – or Bob as he was nicknamed – was one of the first to land on Sword Beach – D-Day 1944. Leading the infantry with his mortar team, making way for the armoury, allowing them to restore order and capture the town of Touffeville. From dusk til dawn, he was under constant shell fire from the enemy.

What Bob and his men would have gone through, would have been like nothing any of us could have experienced before. The sacrifice that so many made to allow us to live the lives we have today, is something we as a country will be forever thankful for.

During a full day of relentless attack, he led his troops to their objective. He was largely responsible for the regiment achieving their goal. His actions were described as ‘most gallant with commendable courage’. As a result Major Douglas Edward Blayney was awarded the Military Cross from Field Marshall Montgomery. Congratulations on the achievement later followed in the post, with a hand signed letter from King George VI – Buckingham Palace.

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As a supremely talented artist, Bob attended ‘Camberwell School of Art’. This was something he later picked up again long after the war, when he continued to utilise his creative flair working as an exhibition designer for a many years before his eventual retirement.

This passion for creativity and his dedication to the arts, was something that was later handed down to his son, Robert. Who followed in his fathers footsteps when he started work as Studio Manager at major electrical firm, Crompton Parkinson, based in London. Rob later joined a Photographic Company, based in Northampton. With his first move being; the opening of his own design division. After many successful years, Rob’s ambitious character, and self driven attitude inspired him to form a business of his own, which you may have guessed, went on to become ‘The Blayney Partnership’.

Fast forward to 2020, our squadron of creative breeds is now guided by director Ozz Blayney – grandson of Douglas. With Accounts Manager Julie Blayney, commercial photographer Abby Blayney, and young designer Oliver Blayney also within the ranks, you may now appreciate why we believe that ‘Creativity Comes Naturally’.

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Had Bob been alive today, we would be celebrating his 100th birthday on the 20th June.

Artist. Father. Grandfather. Our Hero.

Ozz Blayney

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