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We have been working with Horizon Capital as a creative partner for over 6 years helping them rebrand and redesign websites for a large percentage of their portfolio, as well as undertaking a complete rebrand from Lyceum Capital to Horizon Capital in 2019.

Amidst all the uncertainty in global markets, 2021/2022 was another good year of growth for Horizon Capital and its portfolio companies.

Horizon Capital provides the first institutional capital to high growth entrepreneurial led businesses and then delivers practical support as they lead their portfolios on intensive buy and build journeys.

Each year Horizon Capital hold an AGM to review and discuss portfolio success. Certain marketing assets need to be created to invite guests to the live event, hosted at the companies new offices inside The Shard, London. The event was privately streamed using Vimeo Live. Signing in pages with countdown timers were built to access the live event and monitor viewers.

An important part of the AGM was Horizon’s commitment to Environmental, social, and corporate governance. ESG is an approach to evaluating the extent to which a corporation works on behalf of social goals that go beyond the role of a corporation to maximise profits on behalf of the corporation’s shareholders.

Horizon required the creation of a branded ESG document. The document needed to be produced in both digital and printed formats under extremely tight deadlines. Intricate graphs and data wheels sit alongside bold imagery to illustrate Horizon’s social goals and apply best practices to deliver constant improvement across all aspects of their work.

“We seek to continuously improve and deepen our understanding and commitment to the principles of Responsible Investing and ESG. We measure the extent and effectiveness with which we apply ESG factors in our assessment of each investment opportunity and throughout the life of our investments - our goal being to apply best practices and deliver constant improvement.”

Simon HitchcockManaging Partner, Horizon Capital

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