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We were proud to receive some great feedback from the shareholders & sales leads at recent client of ours & workspace technology expert 'Agilico'.

Agilico is a leading provider of workplace technology, with capabilities that span managed print services, information management solutions, agile working technology, telecommunications and managed IT services. Agilico supports businesses across the UK by helping them build more effective and agile working environments for their teams.

As another successful pitch process came to an end, we were selected by directors Chris Rixon & Sam Saunders to play an integral role in the rebrand and restructure of DMC Canotec – what would eventually become ‘Agilico’. This would involve a new company name, a new logo and corporate identity, closely followed by a new website. After working with Chris before as part of one of our many endeavours into the Horizon portfolio, we were excited to again have the opportunity to be involved in another sector defining operation.

Fast forward to 2022, the project was completed and the launch of the new website was a great success.

We were really proud to receive some amazing feedback on our rebrand & web build project from many significant sections of the Agilico internal team, and some from their largest clients.

"A site I will be delighted to steer our current and prospective clients to. Excellent bit of work, well done to all involved."

Sales Leadership Dpt.Agilico

"Outstanding, the website looks and feels really professional and will really assist with our clients' perception of our new brand."

Sam SaundersAgilico

"We just wanted to say thanks for the work you've put into the Agilico brand and website. We realise a website is never truly 'finished', but you've got us off to a great start and we look forward to working with you as our online presence grows and evolves."

Chris RixonCMO

"It looks fab and you must be very excited. I don’t think I would change a thing."

Leading CustomerBased in the UK

"Looking great and aligning to the very timely catalyst of change."

Agilico ProspectBased in UK

"It looks fresh and bold. I know colour is subjective, but again I like the new branding and I think the message is clearer too. There is a tonne of information on there which at some point I’ll read."

Leading CustomerBased in UK
agilico laptop visual of desktop design

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