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Introducing A New Horizon in just 4 weeks

Horizon Capital invests in high-growth technology and business services companies. Working together with management teams, they’ve developed a consistent and proven approach to driving sustainable growth and creating market-leading businesses.

After producing some successful rebrands and large scale website builds for some of the firms existing portfolio, the central London based group, appointed us to complete an ultra-fast rename and rebrand of their former company….Lyceum Capital. After just 4 weeks of intensive research and brand development, the birth of Horizon Capital was alive and kicking.

Future Defined In 30 Days

So how do you rename and rebrand one of the most globally saturated private sectors in just 30 days?

Our extensive research took us to many dead-ends, and we soon became aware that almost every permutation for a private equity company already existed. Lyceum Capital’s previous brand story evolved from its’s close proximity to London’s famous Lyceum Theatre. The team made it very clear to us that they wanted something non-geographical, innovative and ambiguous. The injection of vivid colour sets and vibrant blends were paramount to break the mould of a very ‘corporate blue’ industry.

A rebrand of this scale in just 30 days was a huge ask but its success is down to quickly understanding the clients’ key values and goals. We distilled these into a compelling story that resonated with the entire Horizon team and their illustrious portfolio.

LYCEUM logo blue background

Grow Faster

Every quality brand benefits with the relationship of a slogan that defines the group’s mission statement in just a few words. The shorter the better!

‘We invest in technology and business services companies and work with talented management teams to deliver growth’.

We take this important company ethos and turn it into ‘Grow Faster‘. The brand also required supportive collateral. We produced a business toolkit which consisted of Stationery sets, promotional launch items and a shiny new website that differentiates the firm against their mundane competition. We wanted the online experience to be as user-friendly as possible to maximise the number of visits and enquiries. From the initial wireframes through to fully functioning concepts and the final build, we produced a graceful website with the user’s journey in mind.


A Refined Reponsive Experience

The new website had to be fully accessible to meet the needs of Horizon’s technology driven client base. The site delivers a great user experience for both desktop interaction and touchscreen. We worked with care to design and develop an adaptive website that performs perfectly across all screen sizes.

horizon responsive web design

“On behalf of Team Horizon, a huge thank you for designing and building such a great new brand, materials and website (and for getting everything live on time). It’s been great to work with you and you’ve made this process easy for us.”

Chris RixonGrowth Director