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Animated Explainer Videos & Website Redesign for Totalmobile

Towards the end of 2019, we were approached by field service software provider ‘Totalmobile’ to produce a new website and digital identity. Their existing website was a number of years old and still contained elements of previous rebrands that were no longer in use. It was time for a new look, and a re-evaluation of the site on the whole.

We started our task by pitching a number of homepage designs, all completing differing in style, all crafted by completely different designers. We believe it’s important to involve more than one designer per project, this offers a completely fresh perspective and approach. Once chosen, we proceeded to create a full website design that would blow competitors out of the water, whilst remaining fully editable by the Totalmobile marketing team.

Converting Visits To Leads with Video

Totalmobile have a strong track record working with enterprise organisations across the public and private sectors including local and national government, health and social care, housing & property, utilities and infrastructure, transport and logistics and facilities management. With a commitment to sectors that rely predominantly on rather dated internal computers, it was of paramount importance that the website we delivered, provded a perfect performance across not only the most modern of browsers, but also legacy laptops and out-dated desktops.

The main point of engagement on this website was the product demo page. This area would need to allow users to submit their details – for data capture and customer research as well as future point of contact – before entering a video driven demo of the Totalmobile software. The experience of each content page should aim to inform and intrgiue, but ultimately the goal ahead of us was to attempt to convert each passing vistor, into a full demo consumer.

Directing website traffic to this portal was one thing, but what happens when they arrive? We created a series of short animations, accompanied by voiceover, to help deliver all of the softwares key features and fuctions.

total mobile website preview on imac

Increase in online demo visits and leads in 1 week from launch


Instant Impact

Fast forward to January 2020. Within a single week from launch, The Totalmobile team reported that the new website had generated a huge leap in online demo visits and potential leads – this is what we like to hear.

We redesigned a much less complex visualisation of the Totalmobile software to emphasise key features on product landing pages. These styled UI/UX graphics are immediately eye catching, and land more focus on the parts of the product that are being explained, within the websites carefully written content.


Increase in online demo visits and leads in 1 week from launch

dashboard preview

Reimaginging The Brand

Below is our final homepage design. We opted to use a video header to immediately give users an introduction into who Totalmobile are and what sectors they operate within. The new design is much cleaner and modern, and is a far better representation of where Totalmobile fit in their market.

total mobile website design
total mobile web design

Animated Demo Videos

Due to the success of the new website, and most notably the Demo area, we were later tasked with creating a series of 5 animated explainer videos, that were then housed within the demo portal. These videos outlined the key products and solutions that Totalmobile supply.

"The guys over at The Blayney Partnership have been a pleasure to work with. On this project (and each subsequent project) they bring a wealth of creativity & ideas, backed up with the technical expertise to execute brilliantly. The results have simply been fantastic"

Stephen TaylorDigital Marketing