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Agilico Rebrand & Website Build

Agilico is a leading provider of workplace technology, with capabilities that span across managed print services, information management solutions, agile working technology, telecommunications and managed IT services. Agilico supports businesses across the UK by helping them build more effective and agile working environments for their teams.

As another successful pitch process came to an end, we were selected by Chris Rixon CMO & Simon Davey CEO to play an integral role in the rebrand and restructure of DMC Canotec – what would eventually become ‘Agilico’. This would involve a new company name, a new logo and corporate identity, closely followed by a new website. After working with Chris before as part of one of our many endeavours on the Horizon portfolio, we were excited to again have the opportunity to be involved in another sector defining operation.

Unifying DMC Canotec

DMC Canotec operated in a fragmented and growing sector sized at £1.7bn with over 600 independent operators in the UK alone. The mission was to create a new visual identity that looked strong, bold and powerful. The original logo used a very thin and wiry font in a light blue colour, which wasn’t very easily visible at a distance – a real issue when it came to producing fleet graphics & signage.

We needed to develop an identity that would stand out from the crowd to start DMC Canotec’s new journey to conquer the world of agile working. The first thing to decide on, was the new name. After weeks of brainstorming, tweaking and changing of potential brand names, we arrived a word that grabbed everyones attention; Agilico.

Chris Rixon, Chief Marketing Officer, said “Our goal with the rebrand programme was to provide a clear communication of the value we deliver to our customers and to celebrate the collective expertise our team has built. We feel that ‘Agilico’ delivers on that ambition and provides us with a platform that will evolve as our business continues to develop and grow.”


Our Early Ideas


The Chosen Brand for Agilico

The new Agilico brand is brought to life with two vibrant colour palettes. The primary palette is made up of a deep navy, an electric green & a flat grey . The secondary palette was chosen to help highlight important elements across the new marketing material and the system UI, while still complementing the tones of the primary palette.

agilico dark logo

Agilico Navy

R: 0, G: 0, B: 51

Agilico Green

R: 0, G: 219, B: 84

Agilico Grey

R: 112, G: 143, B: 153


R: 255, G: 255, B: 255

Workspace Blue

R: 0, G: 184, B: 255

Tech Orange

R: 255, G: 145, B: 0

agilico typography examples
agilico branding icons

A Bold New Direction

Phase two of ‘Project Agilico’ was designing and developing the new website. We wanted to create something vivid, stylish and modern while remaining easy to use, effortless to browse, and simplistic to edit and maintain for the company’s in-house team. We tastefully selected all human-led imagery, as it was important to get across the message that at the core of the business, it’s is still about people, high-end customer service and dedicated priority support.

agilico laptop visual of desktop design

A Revitalised Experience

As the new company secured important acquisition time was of the essence. Our senior design team put together a range of stylish web visuals that incorporated the new brand name, new avatar plus important branded marketing assets.

These were quickly approved, and swiftly built & brought to life within WordPress, creating dynamic and easily manageable templates for the Agilico team to populate independently.

A site I will be delighted to steer our current and prospective clients to. Excellent bit of work, well done to all involved".

Sales Leadership Dpt.Agilico

Smart Workforce

As part of our branding proposal we provided workwear concepts for the companies field staff. We included designs for t-shirts, polo shirts, pullover jumpers, jackets & face masks, covering all areas of the Agilico uniform.

The field support teams serve over 11,000+ customers nationally, so it’s important that they do it in style!

agilico uniform
agilico mask

The New Look Ahead of Lockdown

The Agilico project began just as the UK’s national lockdown was announced, and was completed entirely remotely by both team Blayney and the board at Agilico. After regular Zoom calls, Whatsapp chats & Slack discussions along the way to keep the synergy flowing, we were able to deliver a refined product from home, that has since attracted the attention of multiple competitors across the UK.

We just wanted to say thanks for the work you've put into the Agilico brand and website. We realise a website is never truly 'finished', but you've got us off to a great start and we look forward to working with you as our online presence grows and evolves."

Chris RixonAgilico, CMO