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2020 –

Website & Menu Design for Beckworth Emporium

If you’re a Northampton native, you will certainly have heard about the Beckworth Emporium. But if not, then you might be about to discover one of our counties must-visit stops for any food lover, or gardening enthusiast. Located in Mears Ashby, you will find the Beckworth Emporium nestled in the Northamptonshire countryside. Just a short walk down the road from the Blayney HQ. The emporium is comprised of 6 core service areas including; The Restaurant, Food Hall, Gardens, Homes, Experiences and most recently the Outdoor Living showroom – housing the largest collection of garden furniture in Northamptonshire.

As almost all of our team are forever loyal customers of the Beckworth Emporium, I’m sure you can imagine we were more than delighted to have the opportunity to contribute to such a successful local project. We’ve watched the business grow and prosper over recent years, we couldn’t be prouder to be their design partner.

Project Brief

We were approached in late 2020 to create a new website, and to handle all of the upcoming print design collateral. The brief would go on to explain the requirement for a digital facelift as well as an entirely new website design leaving plenty of room for flexibility and growth as the company continued to evolve.

The new website would need to be easily editable for in-house staff, along with listing key information such as opening times, downloadable menus and to display emporium wide announcements. It would need to store job posts and allow users to quickly apply and upload their CV online. The website would later be a key component in launching the then upcoming rebrand.


By Locally Sourced Designers & Developers

We created a minimal, clean & friendly portal for all things Beckworth Emporium. Allowing easy management by the in-house team. The new concept introduces a more modern look with subtle but effective animations, eye-catching visuals, intriguing call to actions, and neat automated functions. Helping to overcome the limitations of the existing site while broadening the horizons of what can be achieved by the Beckworth team.

Ollie and the team at Blayney Partnership have given us fantastic support and advice at both the development and implementation stages of our website enhancements. The result is a customer focused, on brand site that is both attractive and functional."

David BrownOwner

Clean & Easy To Use UI

When creating the new design, we opted to use larger body content, along with a greater contrast between text & background colours. As a team we committed to keeping things simple, making sure the user experience was no nonsense and user friendly for all ages. On reflection, the split between desktop and mobile users was more even than initially expected in the brief.


Adapting the feel of the environment

The experience when browsing the website is intended to reflect the relaxed, friendly and approachable nature of the environment the emporium creates. We colour-coded each department against the new natural ‘edible’ corporate palette to help each area of the website feel it’s own.

Under The Hood

The new website is built with our preferred open-source content management system; WordPress – a platform we’ve invested a lot of time and research into over the years. The site allows online purchases via the popular ecommerce tool, WooCommerce. A regular companion to WordPress, which is currently in use on over 4,414,537 live websites worldwide.

More often than not, the more a plugin is used, the more documentation, resources and support there is available. This is something we consider frequently as we continue to maintain and support over 150+ websites that we have built in house over the last decade.

The platform the original website had been built on had become very dated and was in desperate need of a revamp. We have improved the website in terms of both design & functionality perspective, which is something we look to delivery with every project we take on."

Ozz BlayneyDirector

Gift Vouchers & Afternoon Tea

Some people may argue that there is no better mother’s day/birthday gift than a Beckworth Emporium Afternoon Tea voucher. That’s why it was important we remodelled the experience of purchasing one and refined the process of payment. We did this by making the process far more visual and intuitive, but also more personal. Users now have the ability to write a custom gift message for the postage team to place within the gift wrap envelope before delivery, making each gift that bit more special.


Completed Orders (Within First 10 Months of Launch)

Outdoor Living

Phase two of the project was focussed around the roll-out of the new Outdoor Living range – the largest collection of garden furniture in Northamptonshire. The range consists of furniture, barbecues, fire pits, water features, lighting, heaters and accessories and is home to over 400 different products from a range of well established and predominately UK based suppliers and manufacturers.

With the launch of Outdoor Living, we delivered a much more comprehensive shop experience with a far more detailed single product listings as well as a new category hierarchy and filter system. Although this section of the shop doesn’t allow online purchase as of yet, it acts as a great digital reference tool achieving all of the products the showroom has available, with a clear indication of stock level and availability. We look forward to continuing to enhance the online store as the collection continues to expand.


New Menu Design

With the launch of the Beckworth Emporium ‘Garden Restaurant’ – the short term solution to cater for restaurant customers during the ever-changing period after our National Lockdown – we were asked to create a series of designs for the new menu. With some neat layout from our own Senior Designer Matt, and some new mouth-watering imagery captured by our in-house photography Abby, we were able to put together a beautiful new design to help wet the appetite of customers during, and going forward from the coronavirus juncture.

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"It was a pleasure to photograph some of the latest dishes, cakes & bites that the Beckworth Emporium has to offer. They look delicious! The new chef & kitchen staff should be really proud of what their creating."

Abby BlayneyPhotographer

"Through good planning and efficient working any developments have always delivered good value for money. Thank you to all of the team for your no fuss approach!”

David BrownCo-Owner
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