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The Countryside Restoration Trust was established in 1993 by the Chairman, Robin Page, the late conservationist Sir Laurens van der Post and the late artist and conservationist, Gordon Beningfield. Launched in response to growing fears about intensive and industrialised farming, the CRT initially aimed to purchase land which had been intensively farmed, in order to restore it to a living countryside, rather than a lifeless food factory.

As the CRT has grown its aims have broadened to encompass purchasing farmland and woodland where traditional farming methods, wildlife habitat and biodiversity are under threat. The CRT promotes a working countryside using sensitive and sympathetic farming practices that encourage and protect wildlife to produce quality food. Over the years much damage has occurred to our countryside and CRT are here to put a stop to this.

Making A difference


Our work with CRT involved the full design and development of a new mobile responsive website which engaged with their 30,000 members delivering exciting new insights, news and information that was associated to individual membership level.

Setting up the new brand across a variety of different demographics was challenging. We still wanted the general design to run inside a classically boxed layout rather than a widescreen concept, with the use of large vibrant imagery that faded and moved and bought the site to life.

The sophisticated new membership and donation facility provided CRT and their users with a interface that was slick, efficient and visual. Most sites in this field are generally content heavy so the idea of producing ‘style over content’ was paramount which distinguishes CRT within the online charity sector.


CRT have experienced a 22% increase in memberships since the new site went live.
ONLINE VISITOR INCREASE General site visits have increased by 40% due to the sites new SEO facility.
INCREASE IN DONATIONS Donations have increased by 30% due to the subtle call to actions on each main content page across site.

CRT Membership


As part of the membership scheme we chose to base the look of each package on a relevant species of British wildlife. For example, we chose to use the theme of ‘Bee’s’ for the ‘Community Member’ status. In the height of summer, their hives are known to house between 60,000 – 80,000 bees as they work tirelessly together as a real labouring community. Differently, we used the theme of snakes & reptiles for the Lifetime Membership scheme as reptiles are said to live the longest of all species. You can see the full range of membership packages that The Countryside Restoration trust offer here.

“The Blayney Partnership have delivered a beautiful website in both aesthetics and functionality. They have captured our brand and broad demographic perfectly across the new design.”

Lois Dixon, Marketing and Communications Manager




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