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From our very first conversation it was clear that Northampton Town Football Club seriously meant it when they said ‘We want to stand out, we want to be different to the rest.’ From day one our challenge was to deliver on this aspiration, creating a new presence for Northampton Town Football Club’s arrival into the SKY BET EFL League One. Pushing boundaries, daring to be different and ignoring what the rest are up to. That’s what we call ‘a perfect brief’.

The club had previously lost their way creatively and required a new set of brand guidelines to piece their image back together. NTFC’s new strategy was to build a new team that was not just the professional squad, but also involved the devoted fans. The new campaign was hooked around the club’s new hashtag #WESUPPORT. Nothampton Town FC had upgraded their kit sponsor to Nike so it was integral to enhance the famous claret strip on muted white and grey backdrops.


Boosting the brand

NTFC’s previous branding was disconnected with over 6 different fonts in use. Our first job was to create a new set of brand guidelines that would deliver a new consistency and direction for the club. The immediate limitation to just 2 fonts plus the introduction of a new mix of claret within a simple diagonal shape was fundamental.

The decision to desaturate the players faces, arms and legs only enhanced the club’s historic claret and gave emphasis to the new ‘Nike Kits’. These little decisions became big decisions, and produced record kit sales for the club.

The marketing team also wanted to distinguish the corporate side of the club. We introduced a new Corporate brand with was colour coded black. This delivered a classy new look to the event and corporate sector but still contained the essence of the NTFC brand.

We also wanted to make any action shots feel like they were moving. We produced some particles which burst behind the players to give the idea of impact and explosive pace. This feature was also introduced within the new brand guidelines to amplify programme covers and other marketing material.

Other Creative Responsibilities

  • Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Media Team Sheets & Match News Graphics
  • Programme Cover Design
  • Large Format Advertising
  • Stadium Graphics
  • Event Artwork for all Formats
  • Kit Launch Graphics



Behind any great sports club these days, there is always a moto which brings the fans, team and club together. These moto’s are tribal and they link anything to do with that club across all mediums.

We often like to change a clubs moto or hashtag depending on what type of season the club has previously endured. Moto’s often form the very basis of how a clubs graphics a born.

#WESUPPORT is NTFC’s moto for the 2017/18 Season and is visualised across everything we produce. Since the launch, the new branding has received widespread praise from the club’s fans. We feel that we have connected the fans and club once again.




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